Directions to Austin Yacht Club (5906 Beacon Drive Austin, TX 78734)

Directions from Austin

Take Mopac Expressway headed North or South depending on your position in Austin. Exit onto Ranch to Market Road 2222  headed West. Follow RM 2222 (you will have to take a right at the second light) until you reach Ranch to Market Road 620. TAke a left onto RM 620. Follow RM 620 and take a right onto Hudson Bend Road. Follow Hudson Bend for 1 mile until you reach Beacon Drive. Take a right onto Beacon Drive. Follow Beacon Drive until you reach the gate to Austin Yacht Club.

History of Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a man made lake. It was created by the construction of Mansfield Dam in 1937-1941. Located on the Colorado River, Lake Travis stretches over 63.75 miles and encompasses approximately 18,929 acres. It has a maximum depth of over 210 feet and averages a depth of about 62 feet. Lake Travis is surrounded by the hills of the Central Texas Hill Country.

Water Level

Central Texas is currently caught in one of the longest and most severe droughts in its history. Near the end of 2011, Lake Travis hit the lowest water level its had since the sixties and its third lowest level in its history. Recent rains have helped to increase its water level and Lake Travis is now half way to being considered completely full. Base on recent forecasts by the Lower Colorado River Authority predicts that the water level will not decrease significantly by the time the ICSA Nationals events are held. To see current lake levels and predictions visit the LCRA website here.